2016 – The Uplifted

Stuart Grannen | Founder of Architectural Artifacts, Inc.

“It’s a treasure hunt every single day” says Stuart Grannen, who for 50 years has traveled the world looking for unique antiques. Grannen proudly founded Architectural Artifacts, Inc. in 1987 and has always focused in obtaining intriguing pieces, objects of a lost world, the aesthetic and the beautiful all around us. 

Grannen is excessively driven: he goes all the way once he has a goal in mind. When he is not traveling, this modern-day treasure hunter runs marathons all over. Grannen was captured here in his enormous 80,000 square feet showroom, the largest salvage warehouse in the city, juggling three artifacts that the world is keen to learn more about (architecturalartifacts.com). #theuplifted